• Fruits & Vegetables Processing - IQF/ Thermal Processing
  • Distribution Network for IQF Products - Cold Chain Management
  • Poultry Processing - Value Added Products; Conceptualisation to Distribution
  • Snack Foods - Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Tetra Pack Products - Assistance in Business Development
  • Market Survey & co-ordination visit of the US Agricultural Organisation
  • Pre-shipment inspection for export of food products to the US
  • Organisation structuring for the multi-product start up operation

Business Consulting to food processing

The Indian market place today presents hitherto unexplored areas of opportunity with growth potentials brought about by the newly emerging cultural and economical order. The Food Processing industry is one such example that is expected to bloom to its potential in the immediate future.

However, the Indian market with its cultural diversities and regionally defined taste preferences brings in its wake a need for a thorough understanding of the market. A focused approach can help create and launch products that cater to the distinct taste habits of the Indian consumer and yet bring about much needed synergies in product formulations, raw materials and technology for the viability of a project.

Dr. Karnik was awarded the Ph. D. degree in Food Science and Technology from Utah State University in the U. S. in 1970.

His thesis dealt with post-harvest physiology of Agricultural produce.

Subsequently, he worked in the area of pre-cooked frozen foods in the U. S. before returning to India in 1972. His work experience in India includes association with Metal Box, Hindustan Lever and Brooke Bond where he held various senior positions in food and non-food businesses including Profit Centre management. He turned around a loss making diversification project into a profitable .