Personal Profile


Dr.Karnik was awarded the Ph. D. degree in the Food Science and Technology from Utah State University in the U.S. in 1970. His thesis dealt with post harvest physiology of Agricultural produce.

Subsequently, he worked in the area of pre-cooked frozen foods in the U.S. before returning to India in 1972. His work experience in India includes association with Metal Box, Hindustan Lever and Brook Bond where he held various senior positions in food and non-food businesses including Profit Centre management. He turned around a loss making diversification project into a profitable business venture.

At Metal Box and subsequently in FMCG companies, Dr.Karnik was actively involved in the development and usage of a variety of packaging materials. These included metal containers, coatings, flexible packaging materials, metal and non-metal closing systems and systems packaging.

In developing new business opportunities for Brooke Bond, Dr.Karnik was directly involved with both organic and acquisition projects for the Company. He is a member of various Professional Bodies and represents several Committees in the Processed Foods area. He is also closely associated with national bodies like CFTRI, IIP, IARI, AIFPA, AFST, APEDA, etc.

Significant contributions of Dr.Karnik are:

  • During his working career, in addition to his responsibilities as Head of Canning Advisory Services at Metal Box, he was nominated to evaluate food processing prospects in the North Eastern States for the Government of India
  • Obtained from the United Kingdom Health Authorities (MAFF) plant and product approval for the Brooke Bond abattoir for export to the EEC(EU) Markets
  • Set up a frozen vegetable business and established a cold chain distribution system for Brooke Bond under the brand name "Birds Eye-Green Valley".
  • As a Technical Member of the Due Diligence Team, evaluated various acquisition projects of Brooke Bond in the food industry, including Kissan Products Ltd

Since 1997, as a Business Consultant to food processing industry, Dr. Karnik helped transform over 35 organisations, including startup operations to successful product launches. Details of assignments are available under Assignment Profile.

He is also on the Board of North-East Mega Food Park in Assam and is responsible for advising intricacies of Food Businesses in that region.

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